Summer Soccer - Semi and Grand Finals

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Semi Finals Rules

  • 15 Minutes each way

  • 1st Corner Rule

  • If you receive the 1st corner you are winning the game

  • This is cancelled out if a goal is scored

  • If there are no goals but you received the 1st corner you win the match

  • Extra Time

  • If there are no corners or goals extra time will be played

  • 5 minutes each way

  • Same rules apply re corners & goals

  • Rule Reminders

  • Keepers can throw the ball over halfway

  • Goal kicks can go over halfway

  • Goals can be scored inside the "D" anything above the knee

  • All Free Kicks are direct

Grand Final Rules

  • 15 minutes each way

  • Normal game rules apply

  • NO 1st corner rule

  • NO 1st goal scorer rule

  • If scores are level extra time will be played of 5 minutes each way

  • Then if no goals are scored after the extra time

  • Then its DROP OFF

  • Every 2 minutes players leave the field till its 2 v 2 Golden Goal


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