About our Club

The Mighty Reds

Pride and Passion


Prospect United will foster soccer players to be the very best they can be, whilst striving to ensure every player, male or female, and regardless of nationality, enjoys playing soccer. The Club will strive to encourage players to learn and participate in the game of soccer whilst being taught the ideals of sportsmanship and teamwork.


  • Promote and maintain family values throughout the club, both on and off the field for the enjoyment of all.

  • Foster a culture where poor behaviour on and off the field is not tolerated.

  • Ensure Players, Coaches, Managers, Officials and Spectators are aware of and abide by the codes of conduct.

  • Create a culture whereby the rooballers and juniors look up to and aspire to be like the seniors.

  • Pride in the Prospect United emblem and what that represents - fairness, integrity, perseverance and playing hard.

  • Engaging top class coaches with appropriate training to ensure all players have the opportunity to excel in the game of soccer.

  • Focus on ensuring the grounds are maintained to the highest possible standard.

  • Provide the fairest rates possible for the enjoyment of all players regardless of financial capability




Socials are organised for the benefit of all members, players, coaches, managers and parents. The aim is to engender a closer association with others from your Club - not to make a profit. This may lead to long lasting friendships, good business contacts, or it might just result in knowing a few more faces to say 'hi' to. We urge you to attend social activities whenever possible. Details are on the website, facebook and signposted at the home ground canteen - you never know, you might just have a good time!



Fundraising is vital to any amateur club. At registration we relieve you of the burden of selling chocolates by charging a fundraising levy. This levy replaces the selling of chocolates only. There will be many other ways in which fundraising will be conducted throughout the year and we ask you for your support (both financial and occasionally physical) so that we can assist your children to continue in a worthwhile sport. PUFC does not 'make profit'. All funds raised are 'ploughed back' into equipment, facilities and other needs of the members, players, coaches and managers of the Club.


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