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Member Protection

Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) means a person trained to be the first point of contact for a person reporting a complaint under, or breach of, the policies in place at the club, regional, state and national level. The MPIO provides impartial and confidential support to the person making the complaint. As such as the MPIO's are not a member of the committee or board and can have provide unbiased, impartial and confidential support and information. 

Members are reminded that, at times, some offenses should be reported to the appropriate statutory body.

The committee can only give suspensions from football related activities. Being assaulted or vilified is a crime which we recommend you report to the relevant statutory body. 

Prospect United has appointed the following Member Protection Information Officer to support you with any relevant matters: 


Katrina Ryder

Member Protection Information Officer


Phone: 0434 678 994


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